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Upper coner cabinet
This cabinet has 1/2" scribe applied to the right side and none on the left.  It's size is 22" x 22" overall. When no scribe is applied to a side of the cabinet, that sides depth is only deducted by the thickness of the back. If scribe is applied, the depth of that side is calculated much differently. The depth of either type of side is to the long point of the angle as long as both back dimensions are equal, these sizes will be correct. If scribe is applied to a side of a cabinet that does not have equal back sizes, the depth of the side with the scribe will be off, but the everything else will be OK. The amount it is off will depend on the ratio of the back sizes.

If you need a cabinet with unequal back sizes, try using an angled upper. They are more suited to these circumstances. The backs are made from your standard back material and the corner shelf cleat is the same as your box material.
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