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3D Troubleshooting
Well, I can’t say I'm glad you made it here but hopefully this page will help you resolve your problems with the 3D in Cabinet Planner.

What is 3D and how does it work, or in this case, why doesn't it work? The 3D in Cabinet Planner is created with OpenGL which stands for Open Graphics Library. This is an industry standard for 3D graphics and has been included with Windows for over twenty years. There have been changes to the library over the years as well as the graphics cards that it works with and this is where the problem seems to come into play.

When you install another 3D program on your computer it may replace key parts of the graphics library with an older version with which it was designed to work with. Cabinet Planner doesn't mess with your systems files; it just attempts to work with what is present. Also, some programs may install older drivers for your video card; again, Cabinet Planner doesn't do this.

So what can be done to get the 3D working for Cabinet Planner?The first thing you should try is to install the latest driver for your graphics card. This is pretty simple.

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel. In the control panel double click the System icon. (Switch to Classic view if the System icon is not present) Under the Hardware tab, press the Device Manager button. In the device manager window expand the Display adapter entry and right click your graphics card and then select Properties. In the properties window click on the Driver tab. Here you can press the Update Driver button and Windows will take you through the steps for installing the latest driver. If this process doesn't’t work or if it gives you problems with other programs you can return to the properties window and undo it.

Vista,7 & 8:
The steps are virtually the same as for XP but the device manager link is in the left panel of the Control panel. And it will ask for permission to access it.

Hopefully updating your driver will resolve your issues with the 3D but incase it doesn't here are a few other things you can try:

Use another computer if one is available:
Obviously this may not be the most convenient solution but for some it may be an option.

Install new graphics card:
This is a somewhat drastic measure but installing a new card along with its driver is pretty simple and a decent one is not very expensive. Most cards will have detailed instructions.

Here are a few links to graphics card manufacturers if needed. Most of them will have a support page where you can download the latest drivers:

Intel http://www.intel.com
Advanced Micro Devices http://ati.amd.com/index.html
Diamond Multimedia http://www.diamondmm.com
Matrox Graphics http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/corpo/products/home.php
Micro-Labs http://www.microlabs.com
Multiscreen Video Solutions http://www.multiscreenvideo.com
PixelSmart http://www.pixelsmart.com
Prolink http://www.prolink.com.tw
Quantum3D http://www.quantum3d.com
Sparkle Computers http://www.sparkle.com.tw
Spectrah http://www.spectrah.com
XFXforce http://www.xfxgraphics.com