Where did you first hear about the program?
Before you starting using the free trial did you read through the online manual or watch any of the videos?
Cabinet Planner Free Trial survey

This survey is for the FreeTrial of Cabinet Planner, It is completely anonymous so feel free to be honest. If you have not yet used the free trial please do not fill in the survey until you have

Thanks for your time, Rob
How would you rate your knowlege of computers?
Have you used or tried any other cabinet design programs?
If you have used another program please please indicate which one.
If you had a question about a feature of the program were you able to find the answer?
How would you rate the learning curve of the program?
Were you able to get a good feel for the program or should the trial period be longer?
Based on your current use of the free trial how likely are you to purchase the program?
How will you be using the program if you decide to purchase it?
At $69.95 how would you rate the cost of the program?
If you are a cabinet maker does the program design cabinets the same way you build yours?
Are there any features of the program you simply can't figure out? Please be specific.
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